Saturday 21 March 2015

Hello World!

This is what we have been working on quite consistently since 2009.

The XAYA Kluster is now expanded into a triunitary infant system issued from the Natura Philltyka Mecanisms [status = alfa].

much kozmyk mindal Gaya Terra constructs
and activations
have been concurrently effected,
at a quite different pace

At the 'I AM' level, I realized that even the gigantic Sakred Lyvyng Krystalz are, after all, hailing from myself, so, no more psychic energy waisted at "feeding them" from outer sources. Much simpler geometrically, mostly when fractally propagated.

In and as the I AM, whom we are all sooner or later meant to arise into, gyvyng & receyvyng shall thus become natural.

See Soon!